Company profile

PNR SERVICES LTD is a Class - 1 Specialist Drilling Contractor, which operates four high capacity drilling rigs and has an impeccable experience in providing Bore hole drilling services and supply of India Mark-2 Hand Pumps. It constitutes experts such as Hydro geologists, civil engineers, qualified water well drillers, and water technicians in water and Sanitation. The Company incorporated on August 4th 2008, complying with all regulations of Government of United Republic of Tanzania and issued with a drilling permit by the Ministry of water and Irrigation.

PNR SERVICES LTD has agreements with various manufacturers of drilling equipment in India, where by able to supply drilling rigs, mining equipments and drilling accessories.


The parent company PNR SERVICES has 15 years of experience in water works and drilling in Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where client list include the state government, local governments, NGO's and private people. Our partnership company in Uganda named KLR UGANDA LTD started in 2006, now has 4 rigs each capable to drill up to 300 meters in most challenging formations. The clients include NUSAF, NGO's, and most of the District local Governments.

Managing Team

Mr. Manoj : Chairman

Mr. Manoj entered the water well industry starting the family business named KLR BOREWELLS in Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, has an experience of drilling more than 2000 boreholes, in some of the difficult formations in South India. . He is also a director in KLR UGANDA LTD, Uganda and PNR SERVICES LIMITADA, Mozambique.

Mr. Bhasker: Director

A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Mr. Bhasker Reddy Patlolla introduced the company to Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique. Started in 2006 as company with a single drilling rig in Uganda, KLR UGANDA LTD now has 4 (four) high capacity drilling rigs, with more than 800 boreholes successfully drilled since inception in 2006. Mr. Bhasker is also a director in KLR UGANDA LTD, Uganda and PNR SERVICES LIMITADA, Mozambique.

Mr. Santhosh: Managing Director

An engineering graduate holds a first degree in Electrical Engineering and also a Master degree in Information systems from University of Ballarat, Australia. Has good knowledge of water well drilling sector, from the family business. Actively participated in establishment of the company in Tanzania and Mozambique in the year 2008. Mr. Santhosh is actively making feasibility studies about venturing in to commercial farming in Tanzania and Mozambique.